Charli XCX Rocks Slim’s San Francisco

Whether or not mastery comes with 10,000 hours of practice, spending years writing songs and performing will make you good no matter what. Exhibit A: Charli XCX. At 14, Charli XCX started writing nursery rhyme rap songs about dinosaur sex. Now at 21, she can fart out the hits in her sleep (see: “I Want It”, “You Lied (Ha Ha Ha)”, “Nuclear Seasons”) and it’s likely they all smell like “Black Roses”. Ba dum bump. And live, she backs these hits up with a strong, energetic stage presence and a real connection with her fans and audience. Read the rest of this entry »

The Tarantula 100 Tequila Review

Tarantula Tequila sent us two of their newly developed 100 proof, 100% pure agave tequila to review. Haven’t heard of them? Don’t worry, we haven’t either. Browsing their site, it seems that they have a Tarantula Azul, a blue agave tequila, and a Tarantula Strawberry, another blue agave tequila mixed with, you guessed it, a strawberry liqueur giving it a little bit of flavor.

Adding to their collection are two new versions, a reposado and a plata. These are the ones we’re reviewing and the ones that are being modeled by dog. If you’re a tequila novice like me, those two words, plata and reposado, probably flew over your head like a dissertation in quantum physics. Read the rest of this entry »

Nike TW ’13 Review

I’m no Jack Palmer or Arnold Nicklaus, but I don’t mind swinging the old iron sometimes (if that’s a phrase). I also live behind a golf course, so, there’s that. When I received Nike’s new TW ’13s, I excitedly slapped them on my feet and walked them over to the greens for a test. Style-wise, Tiger’s new shoes sport a classic white with black trim motif (or choose black with grey trim), with a little bit of grey around the laces and down the side near the heel, and a tiny touch of Tiger red on the last ringlet. I think the white ones look pretty sharp. The black pair might be a little imposing for the country club.

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Nike Lunar Swingtip Lea Review

Not every avid golfer is a 50-something-year-old rich white dude. Come on, that’s ridiculous. There’s plenty of 40-something-year-old rich white dudes who love to play too. But seriously, golf has grown in the past two decades to become much more mainstream. Nike knows this as well as anyone, since it’s their guy (Tiger) who took the sport’s popularity from the rough to the greens. With that in mind comes the Nike Lunar Swingtip Lea ($109-$119), a street-casual golf shoe that’s meant to look just as good on the town as it does on the 10th tee.

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