Stars Wars AT-AT Skateboard Sculpture By Derek Keenan

Take two great interests and turn them into something colossal. That’s what Derek Keenan out of Denver, Colorado did. Black Book Gallery located in Santa Cruz has an exhibit called “Deathstar Blues” and Keenan’s art will be presented as part of it. The show also celebrates the Vans x Star Wars Classics collaboration. Head over to Black Book Gallery to see this if you make it in the area.

Ayrton Senna Stormtrooper Racing Helmet

Formula One meet Star Wars. Some background. Ayrton Senna, a Formula One racing legend, won 3 Formula One championships and tragically died while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Now, Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios produced this sculpture entitled “Ayrton” using the original Star Wars molds. Artist Jason Brooks then decorated it with the decals and insignias Senna would’ve used. A tribute to two legends. If racing ain’t your cup of tea, maybe Haitian Witch Doctor Star Wars Helmet or Groovy 70’s Star Wars Helmet, both by the same artist, will capture your imagination.

These Look Like Inflatable Toys. But Then I Looked Again..Wow!

Don’t use these inflatable animals to bop friends over the head. Number one, that’s not nice. Number two, these are ceramic sculptures, so yes, it’ll hurt. Brett Kern uses clay and glaze to mold these realistic looking dinosaurs and spacemen. The sculptures even have air valves, that’s how realistic they are. He’s sold out now, but hard at work making more.