Onewheel To Rule Them All

One day, teleportation will become the norm. And Google will still be able to track you even then. For now, transportation will still mostly depend on circular objects called ‘wheels’. Take the Onewheel for example.

This hoverboard-like device lets you glide around the city like Marty McFly. Tilt forward and back to control your ride. The unit hits up to 12 mph with a range of 4-6 miles. Recharging takes about 20 mins to 2 hours. It looks like a fun toy that beats walking like the plebeians with their ‘feet’ and all.

ZBoard: Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboard

Is an electric-powered skateboard the greenest idea in the world? Probably not. But you know what? F it. The ZBoard (now funding at Kickstarter) is pretty damn cool anyway, what with its lean-forward-to-go, lean-back-to-stop motion system. With a top speed of 17 mph and a range of 5 – 10 miles per charge, you’re gonna save a lot of tread on your sneakers…tread that will come in handy when you’re running away from the PC police who wanna question you about why you’re riding an electric skateboard.

Scarpar e-Power Sports Board

I see you skater boy. Using that foot of yours to push yourself here and there. Feet, ha! That is so old school. Try this on for size, Scarpar’s Model S and Model X Sports Boards. Take boarding to the extreme! Radical.

Straight from Australia, these boards let adrenaline junkies seek thrills across all terrains, including streets, mountains and snow. Strap on either the 1.5 kW Model S or the 3.0 kW Model X. Model S maxes out at 18 mph, while the Model X reaches a ball-shrinking 28 mph. You can reach for the wireless hand-held accelerator/brake to control speeds, while you steer as you normally would a skateboard. Reserve yours for $500-600 to ship later this year. Retail price is $2,799 for Model S and $3,799 for Model X. Health insurance not included.