A Speaker Bubble For Full Audio Immersion

Noise-cancellation headphones. They don’t cancel noises that really disturb people, like the boss’ voice or the caterwauling of a wanna-be American Idol neighbor. That’s when something like the AudiOrb comes in handy. Studio Total (ST), a Scandinavian lab, has invented the first loudspeaker that listeners sit inside.

Eighteen mounted speakers blast whatever music the occupant desires. It’s like a spherical womb. Comfort is key also. Tempur pillows that conform to the body line the interior and heighten relaxation.

Only 5 will be created, so those needing a break from noise pollution need to act fast. Also, no word yet on how long someone can breathe inside the bubble, or how more oxygen gets inside. However, that’s just a minor fact.

Marshall Hanwell Speaker

The name Marshall is synonymous with brand name clothing for less. Um, hold on…. WHOOPS! Sorry, that’s Marshalls with an S. Marshall  is a legendary name in the world of guitar amps. Now the iconic brand is launching its first ever speaker for home use. The Hanwell features old school analog dials for volume, bass, and treble–something cool for you to plug your portable device into. No word on a price yet, but if this thing somehow finds its way onto Marshalls’ shelves, things will get really confusing.

Serene Audio Paisley Speaker

Bet you never made anything like this in shop class, huh? The Serene Audio Paisley Speaker brings your portable music alive with a sexy-as-hell style, incorporating bamboo into the design. The asymmetric enclosures eliminates the creation of standing waves and storage of energy for improved transparency and smooth frequency response, and for $495 a pair, you can fill any room with rich sound. Just don’t invite your panda friends over for the un-boxing.

Bayan 7: iPod and iPhone Speaker Dock

The Bayan 7 gives new meaning to the phrase “feel the music”. With 8” bass, 2” mid-range drivers and 1” wide projection tweeters, not to mention its 120W power capability and twin amplifiers, the Bayan 7 delivers powerful, undistorted sound with deep, defined tones that you can literally feel (where you feel it depends on a few factors, but we’ll skip that conversation for now). Priced at $299, the Bayan 7 also features TDMA Noise Rejection, a technology that ensures you won’t experience interference from your mobile device. For those who prefer the couch to those long things connected to your hips that make you mobile – I think they’re called legs – there is indeed an IR remote control that will let you select tracks, manipulate play functions, and change the bass, treble, and volume with a few simple clicks. This all comes wrapped up in an Apple approved, certified partner meaning no random burning parts.

Loewe SoundVision

If you’re a minimalist, you’re gonna love the new Loewe SoundVision audio system. This sophisticated, all-in-one system delivers confounding sound seamlessly and wirelessly with six built-in speakers (two are integrated subwoofers). Use the 7.5 inch Multi Touch display or the Loewe Assist remote control to save your favorites in the system’s main menu to access them anytime from an FM radio, Internet radio, a CD, iPod, or iPhone. If you weren’t fortunate enough like me to be born with a chip in your head that lets you recognize songs titles, artists and lyrics at all times, you’ll be happy to hear that the Loewe also features an integrated music recognition service.

You can also send music directly from a mobile phone to the Loewe SoundVision via Bluetooth, and conversely, music can be sent from the Loewe SoundVision to your compatible Bluetooth headphones. And the SoundVision actually looks good too. It features a sleek aluminum silver or black housing to conceal the CD drive, and the side insets are interchangeable to suit your ever-changing moods. The Multi Touch display is encased in polished anodised aluminium, which enhances the system’s overall elegant, simplistic look. All of this from just one piece of aluminum. Now that’s minimalism at its best.

AirGo Outdoor Speaker

Looking for a permanent outdoor Airplay solution? The new AirGo, priced at $399, features a built in weatherproof slot for an AirPort Express, which is the brains of the AirGo, handling all the music streaming ins and outs. The AirGo is intelligent and clever, no doubt, compared to the $99 Airport Express. But there’s not much information out there yet regarding integrated options, so we’ll just have to wait with baited breath for those details.

AeroSystem One: iPod & iPhone Dock Speaker

Yes, we love our music. But when you lay down that Barry White track or the newest Sade for your special someone, do you want them staring at a large, plastic black box? No. That’s why you need an elegant centerpiece like the AeroSystem One by Jarre.

This gadget plays any generation iPod or iPhone, any style from Touch to Nano to Classic, including your iPhone 3G or 4. Not only that, you can hook up your computer, turntable, laptop, etc. to it and enjoy great sound. Girls need all 5 senses stimulated. The AeroSystem One won’t feed them strawberries, scratch their back or smell like flowers. It WILL soothe their eardrums though. And they’ll also be enticed staring at the long, thick silver and white AeroSystem One. Open up your wallets, it sells for $1295. But that’s a small price to pay for the ladies.

Bowers & Wilkins PM1 Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins and high-end speakers are synonymous. For those interested in Bowers & Wilkins quality set in a stereo speaker setup, take a look at the Bowers & Wilkins PM1 Speakers. The key feature in these is the PM1 carbon braced tweeter. Mounted on top of the speaker, it helps break up the high frequencies, improving the harmonic structure of voices and instruments. At $2800 per pair, you get high-end quality in a stylish, compact package.