Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton: The Other Social Network

With Twitter now trading on the New York Stock Exchange, what’s next for the little birdie? We’re thinking a movie; though our current working title for it, The Other Social Network: Not A Sequel, But Similar To The Movie That Had That One Nerdy Kid And Justin Timberlake, is a little wordy. But make no mistake, according to Hatching Twitter:  A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal by Nick Bilton ($18.67), there was plenty of juicy stuff involved with Twitter’s beginning, from power-grabs and buddy betrayals, to deciding what shade of blue to make the bird (we’re guessing on that one).

Future Forward

Introducing Future Forward. Ideas yet to hit the marketplace, stewing in someone’s mind or lab somewhere. When they hit though, they’ll make our lives a little better or slightly more swagworthy. And we know everyone can use more swagginess.

This week, beer and cars. Is there really anything else better in life? Just don’t mix the two. Don’t drink and drive. Especially if you have a really expensive car.

1. Hangover Free Beer

Who doesn’t want to get plastered without next morning repercussions? Certainly not some scientists in Australia, currently working on hangover free beer. By adding electrolytes, they’ve concocted beer that both hydrates and maintains the pleasant qualities of beer, i.e. beer goggles and regretful decisions. According to the folks at Griffith University’s Health Institute, the electrolytes mean you can even drink beer after a workout to replenish lost liquid.

CalypsoKey: Never Remember Where You Put Your Keys Again

This whole NFC (near field communication) thing is starting to catch fire, eh? The latest device to take advantage of the technology is the CalypsoKey, which lets you totally forget your keys in your girlfriend’s purse, the empty seat next to you at the movies, or the supermarket produce aisle because you have this weird thing about scraping your house key against fresh cantaloupe when you see it. No apps and no charging needed; just press your iPhone up against the Calypso-paired lock and you’ll be waltzing right into your home sweet home.

splitsecnd Emergency Assistance: Take On Any Tree

Why don’t more people turn daredevil and see what it’s like to smash their car into a tree? Because getting excavated from a wreck is a hassle–and that’s IF you can even find a buddy willing to schlep their way over to your smoldering carnage. But with splitsecnd ($200 and $15 monthly) you get an immediate response should your vehicle crash. No cellphone is needed as the device uses built-in location software to let 911 dispatchers know your whereabouts. Within seconds an emergency specialist contacts you to make sure you’re OK and ask if there’s anything you wanna angrily tweet about tree placements while you wait. Thoughtful!

Olly: The Web-Connected Smelly Robot

Sure, So Freaking Cool looks great, but have you ever wondered how we smell? Trust us, you’re better off going whiffless. But if you long to attach a scent to your web surfing ways, Olly: The Web-Connected Robot is here to help. This little guy emits an odor of your choice with each internet ping it receives. Want to smell honey baked ham every time you check your email? Go for it, you freak. Olly has a removable section in its backside where you insert the smell of your choice, and then technology does the rest. Olly isn’t ready for mass production yet, but then again, are you ready to smell the internet?