Neighborwoods Laser Etched Cedar Wood Geography Wall Art

If rappers really loved their hometowns, they’d do more than ‘rep their hoods’ with brief shout-outs in their songs… they’d rep their hoods with wood! Graphic designer Aymie Spitzer has created Neighborwoods, laser-etched, cedar wood, geography wall art that beautifully celebrates the place where you stay… or grew up… or wish you stayed, as is the case with most people in Idaho. Each handmade map is unique, and the cedar wood even brings with it an enticing woodsy aroma. And Brooklyn could use a little of that, actually.

The Float Wood Cube Table: Worthy Of Holding Your Best Beer

The Float Table uses, what, magic to maintain its amazing trick of keeping wooden cubes virtually in midair? Looks like it. OK, so a system of tensile steel cables provide the sturdiness behind the illusion, but there’s no denying this stunning design will kick-start ample living room conversations and serve as a more than worthy holder of your finest brew. Each handcrafted table offers a sturdy place to set a drink, but it also has a cool spring-like recoil when you apply some pressure.

LSTN Headphones: Helping Through Hearing

There are sometimes, like when that Pitbull song gets played for the 6,058th time of the week, that your sense of hearing is less than appreciated, but otherwise it’s pretty damn important. That’s what makes the LSTN (pronounced “listen”) headphones ($50-$150) so special. The proceeds from each pair sold will help restore hearing to a child in need. An estimated 95% of children in deaf schools can be helped with a hearing aid, and 80% of the hearing impaired live in developing countries; that’s who’ll be helped here.

Meanwhile, according to a review from a pediatric hearing center, the headphones themselves are built with natural reclaimed wood — no trees are getting chopped down — giving a unique boost to the aesthetics and acoustics that can only come through Ebony, Cherry, or Beech. So your music will sound great and your money will help a child hear–something other than Armando Christian Perez, we hope.

Wood Slab Furniture: Your Flinstones Fantasy Comes True (Not The Betty One)

That foot-powered car may be a ways off, but you can still dine like Fred Flinstone tonight if you so desire. This Wood Slab Furniture from Taylor Donsker involves live-edge wood slabs that have been salvaged from Northern California, home of much walnut, sycamore, and spruce. Whether it’s a custom dining table, conference table, or front desk, your Brontosaurus burger will finally have a worthy companion beneath it.

OnOurTable Wooden Kitchen Accessories: Too Classy For Fast Food

Once you graduate from Hot Pockets and Chef Boyardee, it’s time to put some thought into not only what you eat but how you serve it. Canadian designer Geoffrey Lilge clearly put some thought into the OnOurTable wooden kitchen accessories, with each item kitchen and dining room piece handcrafted from solid wood. The charcuterie boards, fruit boxes, serving tray, and cutlery box are all made from hand-finished solid walnut, so yeah, those KFC Double Down things–are they still making them? If so, NEVER put one on these.

All-Natural Wood & Stainless Steel Watches by Original Grain: Knock On Watch

Would Ice T, self proclaimed Original Gangster, consider a wooden watch to be “OG”? We’re not sure, but we’ll let you know once he replies to our electronic mail message. In the meantime you can rest easy knowing that Original Grain is behind these three snazzy watch designs made from Maple, Indian Rosewood, and Green Sandalwood. The stainless steel case and band mean no wrist splinters, and the early adopter price of $89 surely gives you street cred in our book, so there’s that.

Orée Board Walnut: Wireless Wood Keyboard

In the 1800s, a wooden computer keyboard was sign of a peasantry. Today, it’s a sign that you own peasants. Show the world you force people to clean your toilet by rocking the Oree Board Walnut ($190), a wireless wood keyboard. Each polished and oil-rubbed board is made from a single piece of wood, and the AAA batteries and Bluetooth 3.0 chipset keep this classy peripheral powered without any pesky wires.