Shell Stool

Jake Phipps, a British furniture designer, came up with the Shell Stool ($350). When you sit on these bullet casings stools, they fire a blast of manhood up your butt. like that, don’t you? If not, perhaps you prefer planting flowers with shotguns.

This Looks Like A Video Tape Rewinder, It Actually Stores Your Guns

Guns need to be safely stored. The Gun Box Premier ($475) certainly does its part. Its aircraft strength aluminum alloy shell protects against damage.

For a subscription fee, the manufacturer will monitor its location through GPS. There’s also a Biometric fingerprint scanner and an RFID wristband used to open the box.

It has a power cord and even if that fails, there’s a special tool to unscrew a tiny screw on the box and get manual access.

Of course, if you’ve seen any action movie, the criminals cut the power first and then enter the house. Good luck at that point finding the tool to open this thing.

Now You Can Plant Flowers With A Shotgun

Remember those cartoons where a gun was fired and a flower would come out instead? Now, it’s a reality with the Flower Shell. The shots in these shotgun shells have been replaced with meadow flower seeds. Select from Poppy, Columbine, Cornflower, Daisy, Sunflower, Clematis, Lavender, Sweet Pea, Carnation or Peony seeds. A bunch of blasts from this and one day, you’ll have a prairie to run around in. Now, they just need guns that actually shoot out hearts and rainbows.

TrackingPoint Smart Rifle: Point (Kinda) And Shoot

Forget years of practice at the shooting range, with the TrackingPoint Rifle ($22,000) you’re an expert marksman on day one. Think of it as a smart rifle; the scope features a cutting edge color display that lets the shooter lock a laser onto their target, the trigger is pulled, and then… nothing happens… until the gun decides to shoot. Yep, only when the rifle knows it has the shot lined up will it fire the shot. That means taking into consideration wind, distance to the target and more. The TrackingPoint features a built-in laser range finder, ballistics computer, and Wi-Fi transmitter to stream live video and audio to a nearby iPad.

Bandit Guns: Rubber Band Shotgun

Forget spitballs, whoopee cushions, and live rabid raccoons, if you want to take your office hijinks to the next level, you need the Bandit Gun, a rubber band shotgun ($25). After a little bit of assembly, you’ll be ready to play Bruce Willis as you blast away the terrorists (your co-workers) with this single shot or rapid fire action. Each gun component is laser cut from birch plywood, and a nice bag of ammo (rubber bands) are included.

Bang! Lamp

So how do you turn your lights off? The Clapper? Please. What is this, 1992? If you’re looking to impress and or scare the hell out of your house guests, investigate this little bit of badassery. The Bang! lamp comes with a pistol-shaped remote control that’s used to turn the lamp on and off. Want some darkness? Squeeze the trigger and watch the light go off as the shade cocks to the side. Afraid of the dark? Bring that bulb back with another shot as the shade rights itself when the light comes back on. For $379 you can shoot out the lights with the Bang! lamp, but for god’s sake, use a real gun on that Clapper, would ya?