LOCK8: World’s First Smart Bike Lock

Now that we’re not 7-years-old anymore, most of us have stopped getting our bikes stolen from us in-person. I say ‘most of us’ because I must admit, Butch, the neighborhood bully, actually did swipe my Huffy the other day. But this story isn’t about me, nor the ethically-challenged Butch; it’s about those other crafty thieves that prefer to do their dirt while we’re not watching. Lock8 is the world’s first¬†GPS-tracked, siren-alarmed, sensor-enabled bicycle lock. This thing is bad news for those guys. There’s no key involved here, just use your smartphone to lock and unlock the device on your bike. And if your bike still does get stolen, the GPS will tell you exactly where it is. (Probably at Butch’s treehouse, FYI.)

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