Blink: 100% Wireless Home Security System

The crowdfunded “Internet of Things” field gets a new entrants every day. This time, Blink, a wireless home security system, has entered the fray. Blink gives you a totally wireless, 100% portable system. Users can feel free to move it anywhere in the home and also install atlanta security cameras for safety and protection as well. The only inconvenience may be the lack of direct connection and alerts to the police, and that’s why there are many systems for home security which help protect your home. The unit will stream HD video to users and send instant alerts; however, the responsibility for alerting the authorities rests on the user’s shoulders. So, basically, it’s like having a stoned roommate watching burglaries in progress sending you text updates, as they sit on the couch and munch on Cheetos.

SYNEK Gives You Fresh Craft Beer At Home

By the time you get craft beer home, it’s a wrap. You either drink it or store it and enjoy flat beer days later. SYNEK lets you save that craft beer on tap for drinking later. Fill up the bags with whatever craft beer you choose and their design keeps the carbonation fresh. You can also switch bags out without losing the carbonation. The device can sit on your counter and doesn’t take much more space than a toaster. SYNEK has a Kickstarter campaign up right now, so let your voice be heard. By bankrolling their campaign.

Lightbox Smartphone Camera Extension

Lifeblogging will become much easier with inventions such as Lightbox. This tiny, smartphone camera extension clips to your shirt and lets you capture large parts of your day for posterity. Lifebox measures 1.5″, holds 8 gb onboard memory and its waterproof, aluminum body weighs about 30 grams. A single button lets you record 12 second videos, take photos or record audio and upload it to the cloud. The cloud I say! Imagine filming your day at age 25 and reliving it at age 85. Marvel at how young you used to look and not the shriveled old man you’ve turned into at 85.

Hey Joe Coffee Mug Portable Brew System

Yea, they have portable mugs to keep your coffee warm, but we really need portable coffee brewing systems. Oh wait. Hello. It’s the Hey Joe Coffee Mug. It operates on a USB battery and brews the coffee right there. The invention has three compartments. The top one holds the water, the middle one holds the pre-made coffee pods and the brew comes out the bottom.

Coffee lovers have two temperature settings, 155 and 140 Farenheit, or a cold drip coffee setting. Visit their Kickstarter page and help get this in coffee lovers’ hands everywhere.

Viveltre Marshmallows

If you have Kraft marshmallows, dump them. Now. We’ll wait. Ready? Good because there are way better marshmallows out there. Take Viveltre Marshmallows. 100% all-natural, all-organic, handcrafted and probably taste like fluffy squares of heaven. They make their marshmallows daily from a secret family recipe. Choose from flavors like salted caramel, Nutella or Maker’s Mark bourbon. We wish we had a box right now. *stares at desk for 10 minutes* No, still not here. In any case, explore the world of gourmet marshmallows with Viveltre. One thing they don’t have yet: 24-karat gold marshmallows.

KLAX Multi-Tool

The chances of finding a bunch of sturdy sticks beats the chances of finding random axes. That’s why Klecker Tools invented the KLAX multi-tool. It slips onto any nice-sized stick and turns it into a devastating ax of wood-splitting destruction. Take a look at their Kickstarter project. Only one concern: the KLAX flying behind the user when they bring it up.

Skylock: The Mother of All Bike Locks

Kryptonite locks are gonna look so quaint next to the Skylock, the end-all, be-all for bike locks. This thing doesn’t just lock your bike, it’s more like a bike concierge.

Skylock has crammed a plethora of features into a tiny 2.5 pound package. Check out the Bluetooth 4.0. Users can unlock/lock the Skylock from their smartphone, or have it unlock when they reach a certain distance from the Skylock. It features a crash detection sensor. Onboard accelerometers sense changes in speed and if there’s a sudden change, it’ll ask you, via app, if you’re ok. If a response isn’t received, it automatically dials out to responders and gives your location.

Skylock 02

Become the Uber of bikes and lend out your bike to verified users in the Skylock network. But what about solar panels? It has those too. Great for recharging the battery. If there’s not enough sun, hook it up to a power source with the onboard micro USB. Whaaat?

The Skylock still is in the crowdfunding stages with an anticipated ship date of Christmas 2014. Right now, early birds can get it for $160, a big discount off the expected retail price of $250.

A Plastic Goose That Lays A Golden Egg

Imagine serving golden eggs for dinner. You’d be the life of the party. Laughing, smiling, everyone loving your magical golden eggs. Your dream can come true. Just get the Golden Goose ($24) magical egg mixer. Plop an egg into the holder and with a few yanks of the handles on both ends, it spins the holder like a top. Hard-boil those things, peel and serve. Magic, golden eggs.