Ballin’ On A Tricycle

“They see me rollin’, They hatin’, Patrolling they tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty…” Chamillionaire. That’s who you’ll be singing as you ride this motorized tricycle, the Sway Lithium ($8000). Sway is an all-electric three wheelin’ vehicle described by the makers as somewhere between skiing and motorcycling. Slalom through the streets as you tilt side to side on the patented steering system.

Remarkable that this thing hits 60 mph. Get a range of 40 miles on a 3.5 hour charge. Pedestrians will marvel at your space age transport system. “What is it??” they’ll excitedly ask, clamoring for a better look. “Yo boss, it’s a Sway” you’ll reply, then strap on a helmet (safety first). “And I’m out!”. Cue up Chamillionaire.

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