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They Injected Steroids In This Keyboard Controller

Here's a knob that needs to be held. The Griffin PowerMate ($60) allows for customizable programming of frequently used functions,

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You’ll Save So Much Time Cooking With This

The smartphone will control all aspects of life in the future. Mark that down. It can start a car, unlock

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Hack Your Sleep With This New Invention

Computers and robots will take over the world. It's a certainty. Heck, they can even learn from their experiences now. The

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Guess How A Woman Created These Paintings

Not with a paintbrush that's for sure. Unless you count size 30D breasts as brushes. Marcey Hawk out of Southern

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Now You Can Plant Flowers With A Shotgun

Remember those cartoons where a gun was fired and a flower would come out instead? Now, it's a reality with

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Imagine Superheroes As Popsicles

If Wonder Woman was a popsicle, what would she taste like? A nice strawberries and cream swirl perhaps. Batman might

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The Secret Ingredient in These Jeans Helps Prevent Odor and Stains

Jeans don't look good when soda gets spilled on them or when they get peed on. It's a national epidemic.

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The 2015 BMW i8 Will Have Equally Amazing Car Keys

Here are some keys you don't want to lose on the dance floor. For those lucky enough to afford the

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This Electric Motorcycle Will Eat A Prius For Breakfast

Voxan just made the worlds most power electric motorcycle, the Wattman. It produces 200 hp and hits 62 mph in

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They Put Cinnabon Rolls In Vodka

In two days, the worlds of breakfast and alcohol will collide as Pinnacle Vodka releases Cinnabon Vodka. That's right, “the

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Two Stroke Smoke Candle

A two stroke candle might conjure up the wrong image, but relax, we're talking about engines and racing here. The

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Nike Releases Air Jordans 1 Retro

Back in September 1985, Nike released the original Air Jordans in a black and varsity red colorway to match the

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