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Every Hunter Needs a Slingshot

Cast your eyes on the Marmoset FB (Flat Band) Slingshot ($50). The truly modern hunter may want to pack this

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A New Tourist Site In The French Alps Might Make You Faint

Walking in the clouds sounds better than sleeping with the fishes. The new Aiguille du Midi Skywalk installation in the

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This Headset Reads Your Dog’s Thoughts

A group of Scandinavians currently have designs on creating the first device to translate animal thoughts into human language. The

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Samsung Knows What You Want: 105″ TVs

Another company will show off their entry in the increasingly popular "obscenely large, slightly curved" tv category. LG announced their

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Satisfy Those Sriracha Cravings with These Chips

La cuca-sriracha, la-cuca-sriracha! Now that the sriracha factory shutdown is official, those red bottles of spicy delight will be harder

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Try to Tame This Bull

Lamborghini just announced the new replacement for the Gallardo. Feast thine eyes on the new Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4. The name

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Satisfy Your Burger Cravings with This

If you ever wanted your home to smell like a burger joint, today's your lucky day. White Castle has just

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Baseball and Architect Fans Will Enjoy These Iconic Ballpark Blueprints

Here's the chance to enjoy all the legendary ballparks from another perspective. Ballpark Blueprints ($49) render the great ones with

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HiddenRadio2 Produces Magical Sounds

Bluetooth speakers have saturated the market, so it's even more important for designs to stand out. The HiddenRadio2 ($149) has

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Get Your Co-Workers Attention with the Rubber Band Machine Gun

Imagine peeking over a cubicle wall. Oh hi Bob, just had a question for you. Bam bam bam!! And unleashing

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Akira’s Kaneda Bike Made Out of Legos

Akira. Classic anime movie. Legos. Classic children's AND adult toy. Mash them up and look, it's the Arvo Brothers creation

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The Q1 Geometric Chair: Perfect for Math Lovers

Chairs. Such endless designs for the simple function of sitting. Ukrainian design house Odesd2 brings us this Q1 Chair ($1200),

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