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Cardsharp 4: Back and Even Stabbier

The Cardsharp 4, even stabbier! Maybe the Cardsharp 4 ($90) won't use that slogan, but it beats back Cardsharps 1-3

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Chromebase by LG: All-in-One Chrome OS Computer

Yes, desktop computers, people still use them. At next month's Consumer Electronics Show, LG will put out the Chromebase, an

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Dutchtub Wood Outdoor Hot Tub

Keep those winter parties going with the Dutchtub Wood. This outdoor hot tub seats four and maintains a constant warmness

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The Temperfect Mug: No More Cold Coffee

Coffee never stays warm, only let's-sue-McDonald's-hot or funny-I-didn't-order-iced-coffee cold. Along comes Logan Maxwell with a novel solution to keep coffee

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Ratio Eight Coffee Machine: Much Better than 1-7

Premium coffee needs premium machines. Behold, the Ratio Eight coffee machine ($395). These come hand-assembled in Portland and are made

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Beyonce Breaks Internet with Surprise New Album

Bey-Bey is back! Beyonce shocked and awed the world at midnight with a surprise new release. The self-titled album features

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2015 BMW M4

Here's another car that'll help pick up the ladies. These leaked pics show a stunning 2015 BMW M4.  A 3.0-liter

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Go Green with the McIntosh MT5 Turntable

Vinyl sales have mounted a comeback that rivals any hail mary in sports. Unlock their superior sound quality with the

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Bushmills Whiskey X Grado Headphones

High-end headphones maker Grado recently collaborated with whiskey producer, Bushmills, for these limited edition Bushmills Whiskey x Grado Headphones ($395).

Staff 1 Min Read

Motorola CEO Apologizes for Moto X Cyber Monday Site Outage

Those of you hoping to get the $349 Moto X on Cyber Monday instead received a full day of site

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Weekend Refill, 11.8.13

Emily Ratajkowski hates wearing clothes. Truth. - Emily Ratajkowski from "Blurred Lines" vid, butt nekkid (nsfw) (The Blemish) - Dreams come

Staff 1 Min Read

Charli XCX Rocks Slim’s San Francisco

Whether or not mastery comes with 10,000 hours of practice, spending years writing songs and performing will make you good

Staff 7 Min Read
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