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Canada, Not Just Hockey And Maple Syrup

CB4 was great and all, but CB7 looks just a bit better. The Felino CB7 to be exact. The Canadian

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Keep An Eye On The Kids With This Motion Alarm

Kids. Never in one place. Always running around with those legs and all. Use the Sammy Screamer to keep an

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If Segway And Vespa Made A Baby

Two great inventions collide into one Centaur-looking beast. Well, the upper half of a Centaur. It also looks like a

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A Speaker Bubble For Full Audio Immersion

Noise-cancellation headphones. They don't cancel noises that really disturb people, like the boss' voice or the caterwauling of a wanna-be

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White Bronze Army Men. A Classier Version of Green Army Men

Green army men hold a special place for every grown-up guy. Afternoons as a child pew, pew, pewing in the

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Liven Up The House With Skull Doorknobs

What mysteries await as you slowly turn this Skull Doorknob? An undiscovered world to be unlocked by your adventurous ways.

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Mess-Free Shaving WIth King Of Shaves Hyperglide Razors

King of Shaves calls their new Hyperglide shaver "revolubetionary". Every razor now has a lubricating strip. As guys know, this

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The Easiest Way To Give Piggyback Rides To Your Child

Give any kid a bird's-eye view (up to roughly 7 feet) with this Piggyback Rider ($85). What better way to

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Print Carbon Fiber Car Parts With the Mark One 3D Printer

3D printing will revolutionize the world. What does it mean for FedEx, UPS and USPS? How much more productive will

Staff 1 Min Read

Never Lose A Sale Whipping Out This Business Card Holder

Business. It's all about power and intimidation. That's what I've learned in business, i.e. watching Goodfellas and The Godfather. What

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Pony Up About $1M And Buy Babe Ruth’s 1923 World Series Watch

Spring training's just around the corner. Time to whet the appetite for America's pastime. Gaze upon Babe Ruth's 1923 New York

Staff 1 Min Read

Watch Pre-Fame Louis C.K.’s Self-Made Film

Before he was a world-famous comedian and had his own show, Louis, on FX, Louis C.K. was another struggling comedian.

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