Sol Reader Ushers in Era of Lazy Literacy

Remember when we actually held books to read?? That's what we'll say if the Sol Reader ($350) succeeds. It's a

Staff 4 Min Read

Samsung Gear Fit: A Fitness Tracker People Actually Will Wear

Samsung unveiled the new Gear Fit and wow, it's impressive. Not just its features, but its design. It's a fitness

Staff 1 Min Read

These Headphones Will Cost A Lot To Lose

Wearable technology, it's a thing now. Apple's smartwatch might monitor your health, Google plans to make smart contact lenses, the

Staff 1 Min Read

Keep An Eye On The Kids With This Motion Alarm

Kids. Never in one place. Always running around with those legs and all. Use the Sammy Screamer to keep an

Staff 0 Min Read

Latest Accessories

Powerslayer: Smart USB Charger

With all these 'smart' devices out there, one glaring component has been sorely overlooked in the electronics-with-a-brain category: the charger.

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch 2.0: The 1st Complete Wearable?

Whether it's the Pebble, Samsung's Galaxy Gear, Qualcomm Toq, or any other number of new smartwatches, it seems each one

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

PowerUp 3.0: The Smartest Paper Airplane We Know

Paper airplane crashes are funny, but they also can hurt--on the inside. When you see your aircraft nosedive into the

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Petchatz: Talk Doggie To Me

Need a Fluffy fix at work? Wanna fire off a treat to Fido? This is all now possible with PetChatz ($350).

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

LOCK8: World’s First Smart Bike Lock

Now that we're not 7-years-old anymore, most of us have stopped getting our bikes stolen from us in-person. I say

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Pencil Stylus for the Paper App: Old/New School Doodling

What do you do when you create a popular iPad app called Paper? Well, it'd be foolish to not deliver

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Nike Fuelband SE Rose Gold Metaluxe: Sweat In Style

Wearing a Nike+ FuelBand shows you care about your fitness; your health; the betterment of your body. But what it previously

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Fluxmob Bolt Portable Charger: Back That Thang Up (Your Battery)

Modern day life has brought with it some amazing technological advances (that's kinda what this site is all about), but

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Coin: Digitally Stores All Your Credit Cards

It's easy to run out of real estate in your wallet when you load it up with credit cards, debit

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read
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