SYNEK Gives You Fresh Craft Beer At Home

By the time you get craft beer home, it’s a wrap. You either drink it or store it and enjoy flat beer days later. SYNEK lets you save that craft beer on tap for drinking later. Fill up the bags with whatever craft beer you choose and their design keeps the carbonation fresh. You can also switch bags out without losing the carbonation. The device can sit on your counter and doesn’t take much more space than a toaster. SYNEK has a Kickstarter campaign up right now, so let your voice be heard. By bankrolling their campaign.

Consolatio Car Bed: A Race Car Bed For Grown Ups

You know those race car beds they make for 5 year olds? Now they made one just for you. A race car bed for grown-ups! The lucky girls that see your race car bed may not approve though. Especially when you make “vroom vroom” sounds in the bedroom. It’s worth it considering this bed comes with hello, a drink holder! Besides that, the headboard doubles as two leather seats that you and the missus can relax in for a night of Netflix. These don’t come cheap though at $4,000.

Easy Homebrewing With Victor’s Drinks Beer Making Kits

You love the idea of homebrewing, but hate the hassle of the whole process and pouring tons of money into homebrewing equipment. Think of all the home improvement projects you’ve been meaning to do. Right, that’s what we thought. Buy Victor’s Drinks Beer Making Kits and in 10 days, get 20 pints of delicious ale. Dark OR light. Mm hmm. All you have to do is add some warm water to the included yeast, sit back and wait.

Smart Bedding For Lazy People

Introducing an invention for people with money to burn or lazy people. The makers of Smart Bedding use a bunch of, well, buttons basically, to keep the top sheet and duvet cover in line. They want to solve the hassles of sheets bunching up while you sleep and tucking oversized top sheets under your bed. Ooook…Preorder here.

Baseball Glove Scented Soap

Take your love of baseball from the field to the shower. Try out this Baseball Glove Scented Soap ($7) and go from smelling like Dove to smelling like a Glove. Hey oohh!

Jiva Instant Coffee Cubes

Instant coffee tastes gross most of the time. Now though, get high quality, instant coffee cubes from Jiva Coffee. They recently introduced their Jiva Coffee Cubes ($5 for a 4-pack) last year. Gourmet, freeze-dried coffee beans that you drop into milk or water and stir. Get a variety of flavors from Classic to Caramel Hot Chocolate. They’ve also returned with a Kickstarter for two new flavors: green tea and lemonade. Check them out here.

Steaklocker: The First Home Dry Age Steak Fridge

Dry aging beef allows naturally occurring enzymes to tenderize the meat and bring out its natural flavor. You have to go to steak shops or high-end butcher shops to get it though and it costs a fortune. What’s a guy to do? Well, hit up Steaklocker. Their Kickstarter campaign will bring the first home fridge to dry age steaks at quite a bit below current costs. The patent-pending controls let you select the flavor and tenderness and you can access all these through a smartphone app. It costs a little over $550, so it’s not cheap. What’s money when it comes to beef though, really.

Shell Stool

Jake Phipps, a British furniture designer, came up with the Shell Stool ($350). When you sit on these bullet casings stools, they fire a blast of manhood up your butt. like that, don’t you? If not, perhaps you prefer planting flowers with shotguns.