Visiobike: Not Your Grandmother’s Electric Bike. Because She Didn’t Own One.

Technology will change the world with spaceships to Mars and the discovery of alien life forms who turn out to be EXACTLY LIKE US, but oddly shaped with arms for legs and vice versa. Guess they won’t be like us that much after all. It doesn’t matter because you’ll probably not live to see all that, or at least you’ll just see the tail end of it.

However, you WILL get to see electric bikes. Lots and lots of them. Manufacturers seem to pump a new model out every month. Like the Croatian company that wants to put out this Visiobike ($5,300). There are electric bikes and then there’s this.

Right now, this bike still hangs in the crowdfunding stages. If produced, it’ll have a plethora of features. First, it hits a top speed of 45 km/h. That’s almost 28 mph! It uses a fancy transmission to do so and no, that’s not all. A carbon fiber frame for a light weight, smartphone integration and a camera in the saddle to give riders video of what’s going on behind them.

No skimping on the disc brakes either, those are high end. Visiobike also includes a fancy accelerometer so if you crash suddenly, it dials out to emergency services via smartphone.

It’s no flight to Mars, but we hear it’s hot there this time of year anyway.

Riva Miami 88

We call today’s segment, “One Can Always Dream”. Dream #1: a convertible yacht. Imagine gliding through the seas on Riva’s Miami 88 at a speed of 34 knots. Sipping on champagne while models cavort around you in bikinis. Then, they whip out strawberries dipped in whipped cream and giggle as they “accidentally” get it on your nose. And next..”WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!!” Your alarm’s going off, you dolt. Time to go clock in. What, you actually thought this was your life?

Mini Superleggera Vision

Mini comes back with a new, electric concept car, the Superleggera Vision, that they definitely need to put into production now. The two-seater features a combination of traditional roadster, such as the long, front hood, with some characteristics of the Mini, like the front lamps. A Frankenstein Mini. Aluminum and leather make up the inside cabin. There’s also an electric drivetrain, though since it’s a concept, details are scarce. This would be an awesome weekend car. *puts away monocle*

Marbel: The World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard

Legs, they’re so yesterday. Cars, electric bikes, people movers, all designed to replace the need to move our lower limbs. Same with electric skateboards. Whereas you might need to propel yourself every 20 feet now, you’ll have the option to do it much less with electric skateboards. Consider the Marbel. The makers bill it as the world’s lightest electric skateboard, weighing in at a not-so-pudgy 9.9 pounds. It runs on lithium-ion batteries and hits a rather quick, 20 mph uphill, and a total run of 10 miles.

They also use kevlar and carbon fiber construction, so durability won’t be an issue. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, nor the cheapest. It’s currently in the crowdfunding stage, and you can get in $1,200 right now. So, if you hate the idea of striking your foot down on the pavement every couple of seconds, this just might be the answer.

What Materials Are Trucks Made From?

Skateboard Trucks are made from aircraft-grade T6 aluminum alloy; the axles are made of high tensile SAE 4130 Chromoly alloy steel. Most of the time, distinguishing a cheaper truck from an expensive truck might require some measure of experience; this is why I recommend you to choose the best skateboard wheels manufactured by reputable brands.

Cheaper trucks are manufactures with low-grade cast materials that are well polished to give them an attractive appearance. As the adage goes, “you can put lipstick on a pig, but that doesn’t change its nature.” The bushing and pivot give off a horrible experience. Additionally, if you’re a fan of tricks and stunts, be rest assure that this trucks won’t exceed a month.

Bultaco Rapitán and Rapitán Sport

Imagine getting frozen in 1983 like Encino Man and then coming back 30 years later to a whole new world. You’d be flummoxed, flabbergasted and floored by all the new technological developments in the past quarter century and how much the law about the use of helmets has changed. Spanish motorcyle manufacturer Bultaco might have experienced that, but they’re rolling with the times.

From the mid-50’s to 1983, Bultaco made racing motorcycles. Then, the market changed and Bultaco went away. Until now. They’ve resurrected the name and with it, two new electric bikes: the Rapitán and the Rapitán Sport. Electricity, it’s all the rage these days. Both come with 54-hp, a 90 mile ride on a full charge and top speeds of 90 mph. Check ’em out here.

Motorcycle accidents often cause devastating injuries. One common type of motorcycle accident involves other vehicles’ blind spots – when a motorcyclist rides in these areas, it is very difficult for the driver to see the bike and its rider. Drivers and motorcyclists alike must effectively check their blind spots to reduce the risk of blind spot accidents.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

If you have a car named the hellcat, you win. It evokes beastly power. See Hellcat from Marvel Comics, the Hellcat firefighter plane and Hellcat Records (awesome punk label). Now, the  2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Over six hundred mother-lovin’ horsepower in the most powerful V8 engine ever built by Chrysler. Production begins later this year and at the very least, just take this for a spin.

Aero-X Hovercraft

Wanna take a ride on my…hovercraft? What girl can resist that line. No girl, that’s who. So line up and throw your money at the Aero-X ($85,000). Sit in and begin a magical flight high up in the air (maximum of 10 feet). Cruise at speeds of 45 miles per hour as you scour the lands below. You are an eagle, you are a plane, you dare to soar where no man has gone before (maximum of 10 feet in the air).

2015 370Z Nismo: Bolder, Badder and Better

Nissan packs a lot of ‘oomph’ into the new 2015 370Z Nismo. A new body modeled on the Nissan GT-R features a newer, more prominent front nose, LED running lights and blacked-out headlight bezels. Drivers can opt for a seven-speed automatic transmission if they desire. Don’t worry, they still keep the six-speed manual. Power comes in at 350 hp and it’ll come in 4 colors: red, white, silver and black. All go on sale in July.